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Praise for Monday Morning Emails

I want to thank you for both putting these issues on the table in such an honest and compelling manner. Already, it has been a catalyst for my parents to discuss decisions they made all those years ago. I sense hugely rich, revealing and rewarding conversations ahead.

Ginny Philps, Malaysia

Your honest, raw and at times heartbreaking email conversation has much to offer those beyond the expat world and those within it who aren’t parents – anyone who has ever sat down and poured out their heart to a friend will find something here that resonates with them, as will anyone who simply loves a good book about female friendship. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly.

Sarah Black, USA

You are paving the way for more of us to speak our truths.

Doreen Cumberford, USA

Every parent is afraid they are making a mistake when raising their children – abroad or home – and Jo and Terry Anne are no different. They often question if their decision to move their families throughout their children’s childhood resulted in issues of coping and with identity. MME is a heartfelt dive into these women’s lives and the difficulties they face keeping their family intact while traversing both physical and emotional distances.

Lisa Ferland, Sweden, editor of Knocked Up Abroad Series

You made me feel, you made me cry, you made me think, you allowed me to reflect and connect through my own story. I believe it is what you wanted to achieve in your writing, I am now a grateful and inspired reader. But the book was not just about this next coming step of being an empty nester, it is about parenthood, about our dreams and the prices we and our kids do pay if we follow them.

Daniela Tomer, USA

A book definitely worth reading.

Maggie Sanderson, The Netherlands

To Say I was moved by the is an understatement. This book is a gift for expats – but also a gift to parents… you’ve written this beautiful book that invites us into your story and your world.

Marilyn R. Gardner, USA, Author of Worlds Apart: A Third Culture Kid’s Journey and Between Worlds

I’m on my second read and enjoying it at least as much again and I can see a third read. Is it the format, the subject matter, the resonance… I find myself putting into words in my head my own parallel experiences.

Rosemary Eden, New Zealand

Absolutely loving the fact that Jo Parfitt and Terry Anne Wilson wrote a book that I cannot put down. This is my third evening I choose to go to bed early to read a book in a long, long time… strongly recommend this beautiful and raw exchange of letters between two friends about things that really matter.

Valerie Besanceney, Switzerland, Author of B at Home: Emma Moves Again

It is a vulnerable book, a lesson of life, of humbleness… an empathy learner. I have grinned, laughed, hoped and cried. All in all, it is amazing to see how the authors have thrived and so beautifully put this on paper so we can also use this experience in our lives.

Carolina Porto, Switzerland

MME is worthy of such positive feedback. The world needs to know what this global life is really like… a rollercoaster without seatbelt. Thank you!

Nikki Cornfield, Australia

What a ride! A peek into the future as our children are still at home. I’ve learned so much that help prepare them for the next stage.

Zita Stern, Malaysia

Love, love, love to Jo Parfitt and Terry Anne Wilson for being brave and authentic in their new book, Monday Morning Emails. From being part of the Sandwich generation, to repatriation, to identity loss, to supporting their emerging adult sons, they have tackled some of the most beautiful and most difficult subjects international moms encounter as their kids get older. I am honored to have contributed expertise to the book with such brilliant humans like Ruth Van Reken. Congratulations and thank you for putting this out there!

Ellen Mahoney, USA, CEO at SeaChange Mentoring

The honesty of the writing and the descriptions of family life and the places in which Jo and Terry Anne live or have lived, appeal greatly. In addition, all the advice given together with the quotes from contributors are applicable to many readers whether living an expat life or not.

Joyce Dobson, UK

I highly recommend it – lots of food for thought and lessons worth taking note of living this expat life. I’ve gotten to the end of the 6 month email letter exchange and wish it was a 12 month arrangement! You’ll need to do a follow-up book…!!

Clara S Williams, the Netherlands.

I was just checking my FB one last time as I was going to bed early, MME book in hand, having warned my kids that mama is off for the night. I’m loving it!

Katia Vlachos, Switzerland

When I read it, I also could not put it down. It’s very honest and real.

Becky Grappo, USA

I’ve also been going to bed early to read it.

Lucille Abendanon, The Netherlands.

Long time expat writer Jo Parfitt gives us her best work yet in this incredibly honest and often gut-wrenching account of expat life with children twenty- five years on. And co-author Terry Anne Wilson, who is a new contributor to the expat literature about the globally mobile family, is equally up to the task of sharing her experiences so that others might take heed. The subject of TCKs and the depression which many face in early adulthood, is starkly laid out in these email exchanges and it is a subject not everyone is going to necessarily welcome. But the readers who will embrace this book–expat women of a certain age and experience and not those just starting out–will find it comforting to know they are not alone in facing some of the challenges with their grown-up children which these authors identify, often in heart-breaking terms.

Robin Pascoe, Canada, Author and Speaker


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