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Monday Morning Musing #31– A hopeful 2019

It is January 14th and we have just crossed the threshold of a new year. Last year was a difficult one for many. Many of our friends have lost a parent. Many of our Millennials are struggling. Brits battle with the uncertainty of a will-we-wont-we Brexit and the dread of more complicated overseas residency and travel bureaucracy. It could be easy to look to the year ahead with both a lingering sense of injustice and an increasing sense of doom. However.

However. Every year I like to pick a word that I want define that new year and this year my word, which was chosen before Christmas with a little help from Jacqui (more later), is HOPE.

Last month, as you may remember, I was full throttle into getting my pesky mojo back and as part of that pursuit I didn’t only join a gym and go to Spain. Oh no. I worked a lot harder than that.

Number 1: I’d been feeling exhausted, sleeping badly, started seeing a naturopath, got a blood test and decided to see what state my body was in after its 12-month emotional battering. I discovered I was very low in Vitamin D, as many of us are, and B and K and a few other things. Three weeks into the supplements and I feel SO much better.

Number 2: I decided to try something unusual (not so for me, but maybe for you) and booked to work with my friend Jacqui who does energy realignment work over Skype. It works along the lines of kinesiology but with a lot of wisdom thrown in and I used it to help work on what might be blocking me and achieving clarity. It was Jacqui who asked the question:

“What do you want to achieve from these sessions, Jo?”

I replied, simply” “Hope.”

Number 3: I hauled myself up out of that fug just enough to look at the Families in Global Transition website to see what the theme for this year’s Bangkok conference was going to be and discovered it was Connect, Lead, Change. The darn theme could have been made for me! I simply had to attend.

BOOM! My mojo went into overdrive. If I was going to Bangkok then Ian and I had an excuse to go back to Malaysia (makes sense to me anyway). If I was going to Malaysia then we could go to our beloved Penang. And if I was going to be in Penang anyway then I could maybe run a little Writing Me-Treat at Tiger Rock on Pangkor Island – a place I had been desperate to visit that I knew was perfect for a small private retreat.

It took me two days to organize the Me-Treat, get prices from Rebecca, the owner, and persuade Terry Anne to join us. As it will run 22-24 April and flights run directly from Penang to Bangkok it will be a wonderful thing to do before the conference. Let me know if you might be interested in joining us. Half of the places are sold already, so hurry. Rebecca gave me an amazing price, so get in touch if you want more information.

They say that you make your own luck. Well, I tell you, 2019 is already looking rather jolly.

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