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Monday Morning Musing #40 – That ‘MME Colour’ we so adore


It wasn’t ever a question which colour Jo and I would choose as the primary colour for the cover of Monday Morning Emails. Call it greenish-blue, a shade of turquoise or is it a dabble of light sea green, light cyan and keppel? Then again it seems it could also be munsell… perhaps a few new words here for us scrabble players!

Whichever it might be, from the time the two of us started working together on a project in Malaysia, it became our colour of choice.

I know that Jo had long adored this colour, but for me it’s a little mystifying as to why I’ve embraced it so. When I lived in Kazakhstan, the city of Aktau was awash in various shades of what I once referred to as that ‘pesky green.’ These days, it’s a colour of joy and delight to me. A colour, in all of its subtle hues, that represents the fondness for a friend and our accomplishment together.

A colour that I now can’t seem to walk past without wanting to capture its image. It can be on doors or window shutters – rustic or stately – in Malaysia, Italy, India or Slovenia.

Or perhaps it’s the colour of choice for some darling wooden chairs, or cups and saucers in the cool vibe of a cafe in Vancouver?

This past weekend, I found myself in that beautiful city on the Pacific Ocean. Five glorious days of beloved time with my son, his girlfriend Ayla and dear friends. Did I mention the opportunity to be in glorious spring weather!

As Ayla and I strolled Sunday afternoon on Granville Island, I once again spotted what is now fondly referred to in our family as that ‘MME colour’.

There it was, well a questionable shade at least, on a vintage leather hat box. Not exactly the requisite colour, but oh it was gorgeous… and sadly not for sale. I admired, then posed with ‘our’ exact shade, vivid and vivacious on an artisan’s wall. I spotted it on stationary, dainty tea cups, and on the cover of a book I bought for the kids.

It then occurred to me. This same time last year, Monday Morning Emails was about to be published, then launched not long afterwards in The Hague. In the midst of the anticipation and excitement, we were just beginning the process of packing up and leaving India. What a full and eventful year it’s been. Most certainly a time of transition and growth, and on reflection, of fulfilment and gratitude for so many special times with family. Yes, March to March, has been a canvas bursting with experiences and colour.

On that ‘girls day out’, I felt the same thankfulness. As Ayla and I strolled through the vibrant Granville market, we decided cheese and wine was in order to take back home. And we didn’t pass up the chance to complete our outing with some pretty spring flowers… no munsell-keppal-light cyan-turquoise shade in sight!






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