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Monday Morning Musing #44 – The romance, the details, of a grand Spanish City


The deep blue of the Costa Blanca has been a vivid backdrop these past six days. I had yearned for warmth and colour… it’s all here in glorious Spanish hues.

Yet if I’m honest, I also derive so much joy from the scape of a city. The angles and contours, the palette and patterns of an architect’s design – the revealing of its rich heritage. 

Alicante is a place to wander and admire, to be beguiled and romanced. Perhaps it’s the flourish of a graceful fountain, the placement of a towering palm tree, the delicately wrought iron of a balcony, or the intricate details of a door knocker. 

And so, this Monday, my musing is only that. Just the joy of a grand Spanish city… of embracing all the delightful details.








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