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Monday Morning Musing # 56 – Time marches on… let’s embrace it


It’s nice to be home again after a busy, eventful summer. There were many joyful moments, but I particularly loved this one. Although one of our sons was unable to join us, there we were, together in the Alps of Slovenia. We had hiked to a plateau of gentle hills dotted with simple wooden cabins and languid grazing cows. Majestic mountains soared over the bucolic scene, beautiful in its serenity and unique Slovene character. And even more special, our family was gathered in one place – this happens rarely for us.

I had spent some of April, May, and the beginning of June in Thailand and Malaysia. After reuniting with Bruce, the remainder of our summer trip found us happily in Croatia and Slovenia. It had become our go-to base as our eldest son had called it home for the past year. Then, with our youngest having completed a summer internship with NATO, he also made his way with his girlfriend to Ljubljana. So with two sons, their partners, and two excited parents, time unfolded wonderfully.

And so, I muse, perhaps somewhat randomly but here goes…

How can it feel so lovely to enjoy family time together, yet feel so guilty that not everyone can be there? I resolved that you have to find a way to come to terms with it. Accept the occasion for what it is and be firmly in the present. Be thankful for those who are with you and for those who are not… lavish them with loving messages and of course some old fashioned postcards!

Wouldn’t it be perfect to freeze-frame those long, vibrant conversations – to be able to recall them at any time, to laugh once again at those inane comments, to envelope yourself at will in the warmth of those precious moments. Thank goodness for the persistence of memory, for its rich and textured layers that linger long after the fond farewells.

So easily, I can recall when my brood was young and how impossible is was to envision them as twenty-somethings. That we cannot quite anticipate their metamorphosis is maybe a good thing as each stage is a gift in itself. For then, if we’re fortunate, they grow into responsible, loving adults with their own endeavours and unique journey. And in this chapter of life, how interesting it is to learn from them, to be inspired by their dreams, to revel in their successes, and to support them through difficult times. In return, to feel their delight as we write our own next chapter. Time marches on, let’s embrace it…

On the more practical front, we questioned for that lengthy visit whether we should rent our own abode and resist crowding-in with the kids. The answer is yes. If it’s a small space, rent your own AirBnB close by, meet up for dates and dinners – do your own thing too! 

Lastly, there are times when we know deep down that we should heed the sage advice of our adult children. I’ve been given the mission of traveling more lightly. ‘From now mom, maybe carry-on only?” Hmm, I might have to muse on that one! 

So dear readers, as I write this Monday morning I reflect with thankfulness for the gift of this summer and for once again having returned home safely and soundly.

Hoping this finds you well and as the last quarter of 2019 begins, I can say wholeheartedly that both Jo and I are happy to be musing once again!




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