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Monday Morning Musing #69 – A snowy Sunday afternoon when Fritz, the snowman, came to life

IMG_0035When you live in a ski town, snow is a gift from the heavens… a little like stardust that makes skiers shout for joy, and the economy thrive. For the locals and for those who come from afar, the ski hill is the main event over the holiday season. The ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” refrain has been a familiar jingle lately.

After a bold start, yet with much less of the white stuff than usual, the snow Gods finally answered the call. Then much to everyone’s dismay, it rained… in December of all times!

Where at the beginning of the week I had leisurely collected boughs of pine while strolling through the tranquil woods, we were now dashing to the ski hill for a drink and live music under the protection of an umbrella. It just wasn’t right!

Then yesterday, miraculously, the heavens gifted thick, lush snowflakes in abundance. They floated and danced over the ski hill and our quaint town. The precious white morsels layered the ski runs and began their quest of blanketing the mountains and draping the pines. It gathered softly on rooftops and settled gently on woodpiles. It was as if a collective sigh of relief rang through the town. And as our neighbour quipped, “That’s a million dollar snowfall right there!”

With our crew safely home and ensconced under one roof, there was only one thing to do on a late snowy Sunday afternoon – it was snowman time! Perhaps we had been inspired by the little gems just down the street. A young family, visiting from Australia, had constructed three simple snowmen. With wee twigged-arms and void of any further decoration, they are simply delightful and a reminder of the exuberance of snow.

But no, my three guys and our lovely Ayla decided upon a more detailed snowman building/design mode. Three balls rolled and rolled until just the right diameter, then heaved precisely into place. A metal ruler quickly became the ‘chiseling/rounding’ tool and a hefty-sized carrot was seized upon from the fridge – decreed to be the ‘most perfect snowman nose’ of all.

Delicate pinecones were procured for the eyes and the buttons, and it was then decided that Fritz – yes by this time he had a name – should sport a moustache. A distinguished twig-pencil-thin look was eventually replaced with a thick brush of pine. “More visible for all to see,” noted someone.

Two of the snowman team then wandered through the woods, perusing for the ideal arm-branches. For Fritz was in need of two – one arm to hold his lantern, and another from which to wave. Indeed, he had come to life!

Just a final trim of his hair, the lighting of his lantern, and it was time for all to warm ourselves by the campfire. And time to let Fritz stand boldly and proudly on his own, in the wintery haven behind our home.

So from Fritz, and all of us here in snowy Kimberley, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and treasured time with family and friends. A Very Merry Christmas to all,  xx

Post Script… As of this morning, the design team has happily whittled a pipe for our dear Fritz 🙂




3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musing #69 – A snowy Sunday afternoon when Fritz, the snowman, came to life”

  1. Love Frirz, good job guys! Glad you got some snow. We had our Christmas in Fernie and it poured for two days! Oh well, lots of family time. Merry Christmas to all.

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