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Jo ParfittLike many of us, I have embraced social media and smartphones and use both to keep in touch. As a writer, this is second nature. I’ve written books (this will be my 32nd), articles, poems, blogs, training courses, brochures, letters and emails over the 30 years I have accompanied my husband, Ian, on a series of eight moves. We left England for Dubai in 1987 where we had our sons, Sam and Joshua. From there we moved to Oman, then Stavanger, back to England, over to the Hague, briefly Brunei, Kuala Lumpur and now find ourselves back in the Hague. Throughout this time I have continued to work as a writer, publisher, teacher and writers’ mentor and run residential Writing Me-Treats worldwide. It’s been and continues to be fun yet I admit it can be darn tough too. Writing this book and the emails from which it grew has been a revelation, deeply fulfilling and a joy. Social media has its place but please let’s revive the art of writing letters.

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Jo Parfitt | Writing Me-Treats | Summertime Publishing | Springtime Books

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